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August 22, 2012
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(Contains: sexual themes)

You were walking on the street, going to see your best friend and secret crush, L or
Ryuzaki like you said. You arrived at the headquarters, you were carrying a delivery box with sweets for Ryuzaki. They let you in since you were also helping on the Kira case.
When you entered the meeting room Ryuzaki was on his chair staring at the computer, he was crouched on the chair having tea. He turned to you and noticed you had arrived.

"Hello _____-chan. I see you brought my sweets."He jumped from his chair and walked to your direction. You blushed when he was in front of you.

"Hi Ryuzaki, yes I got the sweets you wanted. Where is everyone?

"I sent them home because I needed to be alone and investigate by myself for a while."

"Would you like me to leave?"

"No, stay. I need to talk to you."Just hearing him say say that made your face heat up."I have finnaly come to a conclusion who Kira is. Light Yagami and Misa Amane are the two Kira's."

Your eyes widened."Ryuzaki, that's great! But why are you telling me this?"

"Because I trust you."You could swear that you saw Ryuzaki's face turn pink."And also because I-I l-love you _-_______-chan."

You blushed more and he kissed you passionatelly on the lips. It tasted soo sweet and he was a really good kisser.

"Ryuzaki....I love you too."

"Please wait for me at my hotel room, Watari will take me there later after I take them down."

"Okay, good luck Ryuzaki!"You smiled and left the building.

--------A while later--------

You were at the hotel room waiting for Ryuzaki to get there. You were watching live on the news, Light and Misa beiging arrested by the police. You suddenly heard the door opening.

"Thank you Watari. I will see you later then."You heard a low voice, Ryuzaki had arrived. You jumped on him and kissed him on the cheek as he closed the door.

"Congratulations Ryuzaki!"

"Lawliet"He said hugging you back.


"That's my real name, Lawliet." He then kissed you on the lips and layed you down on his bed. You both gasped for air, he was on top of you and started kissing your neck, making you moan.

"L-Lawliet don't you think we're going to far?"

"I'm sorry ________. You're so beautiful and you really turn me on sometimes."You blushed and was looking like a tomato from his last coment.

He took his shirt off and throwed it on the floor. You decided that since you were going to take your clothes off anyway, you took of your top and threw it on the floor with his shirt.

"D-do you want to take it off?"You said pointing to your bra.

"Um, sure."He then unclapsed your bra and slid it off exposing your breasts at him.His face flushed almost immediatlly. And while you got distracted looking at his face, he gropped your breasts and you let out a loud moan.

"Ohh Lawliet...."

"The're so soft _______"

He then took off his pants. You took of your skirt as well and pinned him under you. You kissed him, both of you tangling your tongues together.You started to lick his neck until you found his sweet spot, making him let out a silent moan. You were now breathing hard, you felt something poking you between your legs, you looked down to see a large bulge on his underwear, you went down and took it off. He then pinned you again and smirked lightly.

"Never let your guard down ______, now it's my turn."He then slid your soaking wet panties and positioned himself to your entrance.

"Are you ready?".You wrapped your arms on his neck and he putted his hands on your waist.   

"Yes just be gentle." And with that, he thrusted inside you making you scream out of pleasure. He was so big inside yiu it hurt a little, but after you adjusted yourself you started to feel a huge wave of pleasure and love. He started to thrust inside and out of you.

"Faster, harder Lawliet....."

He did what you wished and went faster and harder in every thrust making a moan come out of your mouth.

"_-______, you're so h-hot. Please s-say my n-name."


"Say it again"


"One more time!....Ohh... I'm almost there..."

"LAWLIET...AHHH!"You finally came.

"_______! Uhhh...yeahh..."He then came into you yelling out your name.

He thrusted a little more and layed beside you breathing hard and exausted. He pulled the covers on your bodies and hugged you tightly.

"I love you _____."

"I love you too very much Lawliet."

"Good night my sweet."And you both fell asleep in your arms.

And you lived happly ever after.

The End.
This is a Gift and Request !
I hope you like it!
Thank you all :iconarigatouplz:

I don't own Death Note!
You belon to----------> :iconsexylplz:
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*nosebleed* I never thought it was possible to love L anymore than I already did.
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"_-______, you're so h-hot. Please s-say my n-name."


"Say it again"


"One more time!....Ohh... I'm almost there..."

"LAWLIET...AHHH!"You finally came.

"_______! Uhhh...yeahh..."He then came into you yelling out your name.
Just *squeals* SO DAMN HOT!!!
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