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December 25, 2012
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  The snow you walked on let you very slow, you were running from a gang that was circulating a town in Russia, where you were passing by. They had cought an eye on you and started to chase you and take your money. As you started to have the bad feeling they were going to rob you, you started to walk faster, increasing your speed, but soon they did the same. They started to call out for you, but you just pretended you couldn't hear them. Until one of them cought on you and grabbed your wrist.

"Hey pretty lady, why don't you give us your money? Unless you want trouble."

He intimidated you, which you refused and tried to let go off his grip by suprise and started to run as fast as you could, making them go all after you. You ran into a closed park, that was full of trees, it's branches were full of snow, you tried not to knock them so it wouldn't fall on you, but the snow on the floor wasn't helping either. You boots weren't heavy enough to go through the snow, it slowed you down.

Until something hard hit you in the back of the head, making you fall into the cold snow on the floor. One of the men had hit you with a long heavy branch. You pelt a wave of pain in your head, it hurt really bad, you saw the snow you were under turn red from your blood.

"End of the line sweetheart!".

The one that hit you raised the branch once again to hit you, making you close your eyes, waiting for the pain that was about to come.

"You shoudn't do that to a girl, you know?".

You heard a calm, Russian accented voice. You shot your eyes open to se a tall man with grey celestial hair, purple violet eyes and wore wearing a long scarf around his neck with a bege Russian military uniform, he had grabbed the wrist of the man that was going to attack you and hit him with a pipe sending him down.

"You shouldn't also be on MY private property, da?".

The man wearing the scarf let out a dark purple aura around him, scaring the group of men. But you coudn't take anymore of the pain and you blacked out.

 You woke up in a warm bed, shooting your eyes open. The pain on the back of your head had decreased. You looked around the room, you were sure it wasn't your room or a hospitals room. You were still wearing your same clothes, except your coat and boots.your head was bandaged.

You heard the door of the room open, and a man with esmerald green eyes and medium brown hair entered the room holding a tea tray.

"Ah! You are awake! M-Mr. Ivan. T-the miss has woken up!". He called out and served the tea on the nightstand beside the bed, serving it to you. "Here you go."

You heard heavy footsteps comming from the other side of the room, and the man that had rescued you came inside.

"Oh, how wonderful! Thank you Toris." The tall Russian thanked. The other man nodded and left the room. He went by the edge of the bed and sat down."привет (Hello), my name is Ivan. How do you feel?"

"I'm okay now, thank you. I'm (y/n).Nice to meet you." You said taking a sip of the warm tea.

"Why were those men attacking you?"

"Well, I was walking down the steet when they threaten to take my money and hurt me, so I started to run until they attacked me violently." You said, trying to hold in the tears of the panic you had that moment.

"But you are safe now da?"

"Yes. Thank you very much." You gave him a sweet smile.

"Come, Edward was about to serve us dinner before you woke up." You realized how starved you were now.

"If it won't bug you."

"No, there is no problem. You are my guest."

 You had a delicious dinner with Ivan, he also introduced you to his helpers at his house. Ravis, Edward and Toris, they looked pretty scared around him because of his angry reactions and stength, you guys got really well around eachother. But you got pretty well with Ivan too. When it was almost ten o'clock you announced that you were going to leave, but Ivan stopped you and told you you needed to stay until your wound got better. Since you didn't want to be rude you agreeded to stay a little longer until it got better.

When your wound had been cured after a week, you were permited to leave, Ivan would take care of you all the time, he had even made up to give you a pet name, his "little sunflower". But after that little time you started to like him,a crush actually, you didn't actually want to leave him. But you were afraid how he would react. Before you left Ivan came up with an idea of you guys go outside and make something special. You put on your heavy winter clothes and went ouside the snow.

Ivan had the idea of making a cute snow man. When you finished making his body, you drew Ivan's face on the snowman.

"Now it's the cutest snow man ever...". You blushed when you realized what you just said, Ivan blushed too. Until you had an idea, you took your scarf and wrapped around the snow man where it's neck would be.

"(y/n)! You shouldn't do that! It's too cold!" Ivan said worried.

"Ah!I-I'm sorry Ivan!I just-".

Suddenly you were cut off by Ivan wrapping his strong arms around you into his warm embrace.

"It's okay. I'm not mad. Let me hug you to keep you warm." He said with a smile, and a light blush on his pale cheeks."And there is something I needed to tell you to."

"W-what is it Ivan?"

"I-I know this is really soon but.....I think I really like you (y/n)....Я люблю тебя.(I love you)."

"R-really? I love you too Ivan!"

Then you both smashed lips, with a warm kiss on both your lips, making you forget about the cold weather.

Until you and Ivan brocke the kiss he took you to his small garden, where there was something hidden in the back, it was a beautiful sunflower that was being protected even if the weather wasn't good for it, it stood ther with it's yellow bright petals, almost like it grew from a miracle.

"The flower was dying and couldn't grow befor." He explained." But when I took you in it grew and became more healthy and beautiful. Your smile was it's sun (y/n). You are my radiant sunflower."

And you both lived happly ever after.

The End.


Russia x Reader: Radiant sunflowerby Otaku-chan23

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2012-2014 Otaku-chan23
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Hope you guys like my Russia x Reader!
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