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November 17, 2012
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(Contains: strong language)
Warning: I swear I didn't mean to do it. But I put some cursing in it to make it more funny, kay?


You were heading to your older cousin's house. He was older than you, he worked and was a really fun guy. It was Saturday and your parents needed to leave you at his house because you couldn't stay alone at home at night, and raining. You entered the apartment, like you usually did.

"Hey ______!What's up?" Your older cousin asked lying on the couch reading a book. You closed the door of the aparment and putted your bag on the table near by.

"Hey.Boy, the rain let's us really sleepy for some reason."

"You're not gonna be bored today!"He said getting up and giving a cute smile."One of my friends is coming over and he's gonna bring his younger brother over too."

"Is it Mathias?"

"Yeah! We're gonna have some beers and his brother will keep you company."

"I didn't know he had a brother!"

"Me neither. He just told me that after I called him over. He said his brother was your age."

You waited while playing some video games. But not like normal video games. Terror video games. You were a really big fan of Pewdiepie, one of your dreams was to go to Sweden someday. You jumped and almost dropped your computer on the floor when you heard knocking on the door. Your cousin let out a giggle after seeing your jumpscare and opened the door.

"Sup Dane! Hey Berwald!" He greeted the brothers.

"Hey dude! I brought Berwald with me to keep company for ______. Speaking of her" Mathias peeked at the corner and saw you." Hey____!"

"Hi!" You said shyly to the Danish man. Suddenly you gasped when you saw a tall blonde with blue esmerald eyes covered by glasses.

"I brought my little brother here!" Making Berwald grunt.

"B-but, he's taller than you!"

"Yeah, I know. Many people say that. He may be the tallest one but I'm the oldest. He's Swedish by the way."

You gasped once again. Swedish? He looked nothing like Pewdiepie! But he still looked cute though.

"...Nice to meet you _____..." Berwald said with his heavy swedish accent and low voice.

"!!!!"You thought fangirling in your mind."Nice to meet you too Berwald." You said.

"Well, you guys get along while me and Mathias have some beers." Your cousin said enering the kitchen.

"But not that much!" Said the Dane laughing, following your cousin. Stupid man, made you and Berwald blush like hell.

"W-well....What do you want to do?" You asked not looking at him ,sitting on the couch.

"...I don't know...." He said sitting next to you.

"We could watch some Pewdiepie. He's really funny, and Swedish just like you!" You said giving hima sweet smile while grabbing your computer and placing it on your lap.

"...Is that so?" And with that you started watching some videos. You both had jumpscares and you both laughed a lot. Especially Berwald......which amazed Mathias because he usually didn't laugh. After a while you both got tired and you had an idea.

"Hey! Let's play Amnesia like Pewdie does!" You said. Berwald just nodded and you started to play.

Of course you started to act like Pewdie, making Berwald laugh some more. You were in the middle of the game when you jumpscared and yelped. You were so scared that moment you grabbed Berwald's arm and hugged him. You let yourself calm down for a while and when you realized it you both were blushing like mad.

"S-sorry...."You said covering your face from the blush.

"Nej...It's fine...Can I try?" He asked and you gave him the computer. He started to play.....Suddenly you just couldn't stop laughing your ass out until your belly hurt. He was doing exactly like Pewdie did in his videos. It was freaking hilarious! You both got really close and had a lot of fun toghether.

"Okay, Sve. Time to go!" Mathias said coming out of the kitchen. Drunk.

"I'll take you both home."Your cousin said. Well at least he was less drunk and more sober.

"I had a lot of fun with you Berwald. I guess I'll see you soon."

"Ja....Me too....Brofist?" He pushed o fist in front of him.

"Brofist!" You saind giving him a brofist and he left. The door then closed and you sat down once again to play some more Amnesia.

"I really liked him. How about you Stephano?" You said talking to the golden statue through the pc screen."I think you really like him you should hang out more! But please...Just.Don't.Make.Noises." You said once again, but witha french acccent and a rusty voice.

~~~~At the car~~~~~~~~

"Well Berwald. What did you think of _____?" Your cousin asked Berwald.

"......I liked her......"He then turned to Mathias.".....When will we come to visit her again?"He said whispering to his brother.

"Soon, I know you liked her anyways" The Dane said with a smirk.

"........what? I-I never said I like her!" Berwald said blushing.He acttually did, he started to feel funny sensations inside.

"I don't care! You like her and thats the way it will be!"

The end.


What a beautiful friendship and soon love story!

Hope you guys liked it!


Sweden x Reader: Boring Otaku-chan23

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2012-2014 Otaku-chan23
Mature Content
Hey Everyone! :iconsayhiplz:
So I made this because I'm all alone at home, really bored and kind of lonely....But, anyways. I made this based on a real thing that happened to me.
PS: All the Amnesia and Pewdiepie stuff, I don't own it! Pewdie does!
Hetalia and it's characters to----->:iconhimaruyaplz:
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